The Extraordinary Contraptions Still Need your Help!

I ate merch!

I’ve been blogging and tweeting about this, but here it is some more. The Extraordinary Contraptions need your help with their Kickstarter campaign. They need it because of the nature of the Kickstarter system; unless their goal is reached, they don’t get anything. Nada. Nothing. Nil. They need to get bumped over the shiny hill of $2,500 in order to leverage the generosity of the 55 people who’ve contributed to date.

So if you haven’t contributed, go help out! Even one dollar will help. Tell some friends about it. You or they are not getting nothing for your something: $5 gets you unreleased live music. $10 gets you the entire album—which is going to be a big discount—plus the live music. More gets you more! Go look at their page and see what all the fun rewards are. This is the perfect OH MY GOD I FORGOT TO GET JACK A GIFT gift for Christmas. Just sign them up and $10 later you’ve purchased them a gift that they’ll get now, AND LATER! It’s the perfect win-win double gift whammy.

Help some excellent independent musicians publish their music. Instead of giving your money to the faceless record companies, you’re giving it directly to the artists. Check out their music; they don’t suck. I recommend Cold Comforts.

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