Cats Day 2

With Apollo and Artemis making themselves at home in our bedroom, things are just a bit different than they were a couple days ago. We’ve got two fuzzy creatures running about, finding all sorts of things to knock over and pull on. We were a bit spoiled with Psyche because she was an older cat, well past her “play with everything” stage. Aside from occasionally clawing the couch, Psyche was a sedate feline. She hardly ever made any kind of mess.

Now we have kittens. Kittens are designed for making messes. I think we’re going to have to go through the house once more and ensure all cat-accessible surfaces are cleaned of breakable-upon-falling objects.

They were a bit more social last evening, but only a bit. It had only been 24 hours, though, so I’m not exactly worried. During the night, they both were on the bed with us at least a couple of times; mostly, it seems, to reenact Pearl Harbor by assaulting our feet. Good job, cats. Those feet might be up to something, you know.

As I mentioned yesterday there is a distinctly new smell in the bedroom, what with the kitty litter in the bathroom (and the door open so they can access it) and their cat food dishes in the bedroom. I’m looking forward to getting them socialized enough that we can let them out into the rest of the house, and put their kitty litter back in the guest bathroom.

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