Meet Apollo


Apollo is a twelve week old kitten who has already started to evince an outgoing nature. He took his time last night getting out of the cat carrier, but since then he’s been the one bounding around the room and exploring all things cat-sized.

For now, we’re keeping both him and his sister, Artemis, in our master bedroom suite. We’ve got their next to our windows and their litter box is in the bathroom. Unfortunately, as I discovered last night about 3:00 AM, these kittens have some seriously stinky bowel movements. We’ll get them comfortable with this room and then let them out into the rest of the house at which point we’ll move the litter box back into the other bathroom.


Apollo matches our comforter quite well, doesn’t he?

Artemis is still very shy and skittish. She’s been occupying the space either beneath the bed, or beneath our dressers. Until she becomes a bit more comfortable, I’m afraid no images will be forthcoming.

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