Thanksgiving Evil Cat (You know you want one)

Evil Cat

Along with the rest of my family, Jenn and I visited my sister’s in Tulsa for Thanksgiving. We had a good time, etc, however we had a cat who tried to eat us.

Pictured above is the neighbor’s cat, in its own dining room. We were using the ovens in this house because the neighbor was out of town, and we were cooking for seventeen. This feline was—to put it mildly—extremely protective of its territory. Every time we entered the house, it would come walking around the corner, hissing. It would slowly stalk in our direction making mrrRROWWrrrRrrRROOOWWRRRR! sounds like it was about to embark on a truly epic face-ripping campaign1. Each time, I utilized the plastic garbage pail to shoo the evil feline back and it would then go and mrrRowRWRRRWrrrrrrr… to itself under the table, as pictured. However, it did this series of actions every single time. It didn’t seem to learn, or care to learn, that a mammal approximately 17 times its mass would boot it really hard if it came after me more aggressively.

The lesson: Some cats are not very socialized. I wonder how this cat gets along with the toddler in the house. Makes me think of the cat in NYC that ate its owner after she’d passed away2.

  1. I have lots of experience with cats. This is not an exaggeration. []
  2. The owner, not the cat []
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