Monthly Archives: December 2011

Thought of the Day

Google Maps and Google Earth are two of the most fundamental changes to our lives in the last ten years, but no one really notices them anymore. They’re just part of the background. Carry on.

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What I’m Doing this Morning

Merry Christmas to me.

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Happy Solstice

In case you missed the “thud”, the solstice occurred this morning at 0030 EST. Congratulations on surviving another one.

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The Extraordinary Contraptions Still Need your Help!

I’ve been blogging and tweeting about this, but here it is some more. The Extraordinary Contraptions need your help with their Kickstarter campaign. They need it because of the nature of the Kickstarter system; unless their goal is reached, they … Continue reading

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More Cat Pics

I know everyone has been waiting for more images of the cats. I would have more, but these are not photogenic cats, yet. They will not stand still! They will learn, soon.

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Great Short Film

I have to go to work today, but before I do I am presenting you with something I found this morning that has made it awesome. Watch it. It’s well worth your eight minutes.

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Cat Day 3

Artemis is starting exhibit her personality and it turns out we may have named her appropriately. She’s still a bit shy, though.

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Cats Day 2

With Apollo and Artemis making themselves at home in our bedroom, things are just a bit different than they were a couple days ago. We’ve got two fuzzy creatures running about, finding all sorts of things to knock over and … Continue reading

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The Piano Guys do Cello

You may have seen the link for Cello Wars making the rounds, and I highly recommend watching it, however after perusing the catalog of the guys who produced that, I came across this number which dropped my jaw on the … Continue reading

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Meet Apollo

Apollo is a twelve week old kitten who has already started to evince an outgoing nature. He took his time last night getting out of the cat carrier, but since then he’s been the one bounding around the room and … Continue reading

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