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2011 Tulsa Black Friday Turkey Trot

Jenn and I completed the 2011 Black Friday Turkey Trot this morning. It was a good course, relatively flat and fast, and a well supported race. It was run by Fleet Feet and I extend a heartfelt “good job” to … Continue reading

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Black Friday Turkey Trot

While crazy people are shopping, other crazy people are running. Go us! Today’s Black Friday Turkey Trot is a 5k, and the first one of these I’ve run in a loooong while. Weather looks crisp and clear. We’ll see how … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Packers

Football games, ho!

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TSA Security Grope

Today, traveling to Tulsa to visit my family for Thanksgiving, I was thankful to be groped by the TSA. As we all know, the TSA randomly1 selects people for screening in the backscatter scanner. I don’t personally care whether or … Continue reading

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It’s a Vacation Day, So I’m futzing with the Blog

You may notice slight changes in the blog look (if you don’t take advantage of the rss feed). I’m screwing around with a few things here and there to update the site a bit. Mainly typefaces, image stuff, a few … Continue reading

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Amusing Typos

It’s always fun when something like this sneaks through the filters. “OMG! One dollar!? Fill up the fuel tanks, Ethel! The Zombies are coming!”

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xkcd Continues to be Genius

The image here is about 4% of Randall Munroe’s amazing and fabulous money chart. Go. Spend an hour looking at it and contemplating the size comparisons of various fiscal streams.

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Alabama is Enforcing its Laws!

In case you were not aware, Alabama followed Arizona’s lead in enacting Driving While Brown laws; making it so police may demand proof of legal entry into the US upon “reasonable suspicion”. Everyone knows this was aimed at the hispanic … Continue reading

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The Case of Knowing Just A Little

I joke that I know enough about [that thing] “just to be dangerous.” However, it’s often not a joke, and that is particularly true when it comes to public policy. I follow the Streets Blog Network for their take on … Continue reading

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Cambria Came to Visit!

Our friend Cambria, whom Jennifer was a student with in the Ph.D. program at Texas Tech, stayed with us this week while she was attending a conference here in Atlanta. It was good to see her.

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