Mount Desert Island Marathon

Acadia National Park

It’s two weeks and one day until the Mount Desert Island Marathon. I and Jenn and our friends Tim and Andrew will be meeting in Southwest Harbor to run this race. I’m quasi-ready for this race; I’ll finish, but I don’t think I’m going to enjoy the last ten miles or so.

Whatever, my only goal is to finish.

We’ve had the MDI Marathon on our list of races to do for a while. We honeymooned on the island, which plays home to Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor and other less-well-known towns. Conveniently, Southwest Harbor is where the race ends, and where we spent our honeymoon, so we’ll be back there for our lodging. It’s always nice to not have to climb into a vehicle to get to where ever you’re going after a race. We will merely walk a block down the street and collapse.

Acadia National Park

It’s going to be a nice re-visit to the location of our honeymoon, 8 years ago. Even if the end of the race will be filled with moaning and groaning and “oh my god”ing.

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