Things of Note

  • Dragon*Con is coming! We have 17 people coming in from out of state. I should get a tax credit for boosting the local economy
  • Jenn and I are starting a new podcast. First episode will be up on Friday, September 2. There’s a reason why Friday which will be explained when we start “AMP”ing up the podcast advertisement1
  • Work is crazy gangbusters busy. Better than the alternative
  • I have my first, and last, triathlon of the year on Saturday. I won’t be breaking any time records, but that’s ok. Going to use this as an opportunity to experiment with some pre-race nutrition
  • We had two days this week where the morning temperature was below 70 degrees F. It’s like the end of the world
  1. The quotations would make much more sense if you knew the name of the podcast, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha… []
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