Evil Eyebrow: Now with MORE EVIL

I’m bowing to the inevitable.

Nay, not the inevitable, the apparently inexorable.

Facebook is Juggernaut, and for now it’s where the expletive deleted happens. So, I’ve installed Wordbooker on my WordPress blog. That means that every posting will also post to my Facebook Wall. No longer will I have to go over to Facebook to alert all you poor saps who only play on Facebook that something interesting is happening over here.

I will refrain from tweeting about the new postings, but that means that anybody who only follows me on twitter won’t know. Alas, I will deal with the bereavement of my followers in that respect.

So, watch out! Here comes the Evil Eyebrow to Facebook. Now with 1000% more evil.1

  1. This is in the nature of a test post. If it shows up on FB, great! Otherwise, I’ll have to figure out what went wrong []
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