What Have I Been Doing?

Rather than give a long drawn out essay on all the wicked cool stuff you wish you’d been a part of, too, I’ll just do a quick photo montage, with links for other things.

Braves Game! Braves beat the Reds 4 to 3 (or 3 to 2? We won by one run, that I recall). Prado threw out a runner at home. Awesome
View from Upper Tier

Unfortunately, we had to say farewell to our faithful companion of 11 years.

Commissioned photography for Jennifer.

I almost ate a tree on a bike ride last week

Almost done with a signal project in Newton County, GA. The contractor needs to expand the pedestrian ramps juuust a bit.
Not Quite

“Will Kill for Food”. Posted without comment
Will Kill for Food

I cut my hair. Compare to this picture.
Short Hair

Learning how to dye things with procion dyes.
Adventures in Dyeing

Closest to the Pin! I rock. It was the best shot all day, and especially cool because I hadn’t swung a club in two years.

We bought a new dryer. Our other one just finally wasn’t worth repairing.
New Dryer

Turned in a set of plans I’ve been working on for two years!
Plan Submission

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