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Training Continues; Paranoia Sets In

We’re training for the Mount Desert Island Marathon. You may recall that I’ve been having some calf issues which caused me to DNF out of the Georgia Marathon. Well, training has begun again for the next big race and it’s … Continue reading

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Happy Summer Solstice!

Today we once again celebrate our free annual trip around the sun. I arbitrarily recognize this point in the year as a good start/end point due to the astronomically interesting nature of the day. At 1:16 EDT the sun will … Continue reading

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Automated Checkout

Kroger annoyed the crap out of me this morning. They’ve been doing it for years (and Home Depot and Publix have followed suit, too) by installing the convenient, time saving, handy-dandy self checkout machines. This particular phenomenon is something billed … Continue reading

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Online Ads to Make You Go, “Hmmm…”

Google served this up to me in my feedreader today: I’m pretty sure I haven’t been doing anything recently to make Google think I’m interested in dating sites. Or Iran. Or especially Iranian dating sites.

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Poe’s Law for Movies

I hope and hope and hope that this isn’t real.1 I’m afraid it is, though. What’s next, “Snakes on a Glacier IN SPACE”? check out rationalwiki for a definition of Poe’s Law and you’ll understand my reference. Perhaps this should … Continue reading

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Margarita Recipe

My easy as pie Margaritas. This recipe is fast and tasty. I highly recommend it. Get a pitcher. Fill it 2/3 with ice Make some simple sugar. One cup sugar mixed with one cup water, boil on stove Pour simple … Continue reading

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Lazy Butt

Yesterday I did…almost nothing. I have a yard that is looking like the final scenes from A Little Shop of Horrors and the inside of my house is begging for some TLC. My podcast is sitting there, daring me to … Continue reading

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Gumball Wars

Discovered at SFSignal Gumball Wars from Scott Thierauf on Vimeo.

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Ride Your Bike – Safely

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Photo of A Few Months Ago

I saw this truck on a walking trip a few months ago. I thought it was pretty cool. Yes, I photoshopped the heck out of it.

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