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Psyche Cat: 1998 – 2011

We chose to put Psyche to sleep this morning. Her kidneys had failed and the likelihood of them coming back in time to clean her system of the built up poisons was small. The choices were to take her home … Continue reading

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Redaction Tool for Important Internet Privacy Protection

A friend posted this link today, which sucked up my lunch. That link takes you to the best demonstration of Poe’s law available to date1. Then I clicked through to the dude’s website, which lead me to his redaction tool. … Continue reading

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Uh, Whoopsie – Email FUBAR

So, since the grand re-hosting of 2011, I’ve apparently not been receiving emails from my WordPress install telling me things like, “You’ve got comments in the queue!” or “Somebody just tried to hack your account” or “You’ve got 800 gazillion … Continue reading

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Bike Ride + Thunderstorm = Exciting (for some values of exciting)!

A representation of what we found on the Silver Comet last night Yesterday, Jenn and I did about an hour’s bike ride on the Silver Comet trail. There was threatening storm clouds but I said “fah!” and so off we … Continue reading

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Like a Hole in the Head

What I need, really, is an interesting distraction. Really. And I’m sure you do too! So here it is: Pax Britannica! It’s a one-button real time simulator with up to four players, or you can play against the AI. Need … Continue reading

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Apocalypse When?

In case you’ve been hiding away from the internet, you might not be aware that you have a measly five days to live (plus or minus, depending on your time zone). Yes, that’s right, the apocalypse is coming this Saturday, … Continue reading

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Mississippi Flooding Resources

I found a few other things of interest in my ‘tubes travels: A map showing the locations of major structures and levees The USACE Website for the New Orleans District A CNN story about a town square in the middle … Continue reading

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Morganza Floodway Opened

I’ve learned a lot about the control of flooding along the Mississippi in the last few weeks. From the dynamiting of the levee by Cairo, IL to spare the city (and the purpose of that) to the long term US … Continue reading

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Home Re-Valuation

We received a letter from Cobb County yesterday telling us that our assessed home value was dropping by 26%. I dug out my files and did the math and if that assessed value stands, we’re officially underwater on our mortgage. … Continue reading

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Busy busy

Once again, I’ve been a bit too busy to keep up with the blogging. I don’t even know what I’ve been doing so I can’t tell you about it, however we have had a couple bike-centric Saturday’s recently. Last week … Continue reading

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