A Tale in One Part

Today I questioned my sanity. I sincerely wondered what was going on in my head.


Car Remote

Exhibit A is the remote door unlockerdoohickey for my car. You will notice from the image that it is not attached to the attendant ignition key. That is because the loop for the key ring has broken1 and for now it’s a separate entity.

When I got out of my car at lunch time, I fumbled around putting various things back into my pockets: wallet, phone, pen, iPod, keys. Then I tried to lock the car. I say “tried” because I couldn’t find the remote.

This was odd because I’d just had it in my pocket. Where was it? I looked around, felt in my pockets, checked my shirt pocket, looked on the ground, even got down on my knees to look under the car.

At this point, I started to swear out loud. Something along the lines of, “Gawdammit! Where the hell is the remote?” except I didn’t get past “Gawdammit!” when the bloody thing goes clattering on the ground from where I’d been holding it between my lips.

What a bonehead.

  1. Again. You can see how many times this has been JB Welded back into place []
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One Response to A Tale in One Part

  1. Keith says:

    Which part was the bone headed part? Realizing you had the remote in between your lips or ignoring the fact that you could lock the door manually.

    I’ve gotten so accustomed to using the remote that I’ve caught myself “unlocking” the front door of my house with it.

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