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A Tale in One Part

Today I questioned my sanity. I sincerely wondered what was going on in my head. Why? Exhibit A is the remote door unlockerdoohickey for my car. You will notice from the image that it is not attached to the attendant … Continue reading

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New Server, Again!

I’m on a new server again. This time it’s Dreamhost and this time it looks like we’ll be here a while. To celebrate, here’s a picture I shall entitle, “Stop or I’ll Highlight Again!”

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Whitelines Notebook: My Evaluation

A while back, I decided to try a new notebook: Whitelines. My initial evaluation is in that previous blog post. Since then, I’ve been using it in Bill-normal fashion, i.e. generally using it for notes and doodling and sketching and … Continue reading

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Please Please Please Read This and Stop Sending me this Crap

The Economist talks about something which is obvious to anyone with any idea about how contracts, confidentiality, and copyrights work: Automatic e-mail footers are not just annoying. They are legally useless Here’s one I just yanked out of my inbox: … Continue reading

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Kaki King and Joe Robinson

Last weekend I was visiting friends in Massachusetts and they took me to see a show in Northhampton, headlined by Kaki King and opened by Joe Robinson. I had absolutely no idea what to expect, having neither heard of them … Continue reading

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Web Hosting

A while ago, I decided to make a move with all of our various websites and domains from their home of old to a new web hosting service. This process was going well when, alas, the new hosting company decided … Continue reading

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Been Busy. Again

My project team (and I) did something insane this week to meet a deadline. Go team! Also, last weekend I was up in Massachusetts visiting Mike and Annie! Thusly I’ve been away from the ‘tubes for a bit. Not that … Continue reading

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