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Beltline Hike with ITE

Today I walked two portions of the Atlanta Beltline with the ITE Young Members committee.  We saw some interesting stuff.  Here’s a sample:

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Doctor Frustration

Warning: The following constitutes generalizations with a sample size of “not very big”. Medical Doctors, it seems, don’t really want to look at me as a whole anymore. They want to look at “the problem” and fix it. Or try. … Continue reading

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Memorable Image from Midtown

I wonder what the dog thought about this

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Errant Hypocrisy Makes Bill Sad

Today on the Political Insider: Cain: The role of Muslims in American society is for them to be allowed to practice their religion freely, which is part of our First Amendment. The role of Muslims in America is not to … Continue reading

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Georgia Marathon 2011 – DNF

Today I ran the Georgia Marathon. Exactly 3.8 miles of it. I managed to pull my calf again. I was at the water station at on Auburn avenue when the aching in the calf became a shooting, stabbing pain. I … Continue reading

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A Post about Drainage – In Which I Opine with No Real Knowledge about the Legalities

Crossposted from Talking Traffic. Please leave comments over there. Last weekend, I attended Momocon at Georgia Tech, primarily to see The Extraordinary Contraptions play.1 I went down a bit early from the start time so I could wander around that … Continue reading

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Momomocon 2011 – The Extraordinary Contraptions!

Even with crappy lighting and a weird and echo-ey setting, these guys sound good. A few other images at my flickr set

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Georgia Marathon

Tomorrow I run the Georgia Marathon. The course map is here (pdf) if you want to come cheer me on. You can figure I’ll cross the start line around 7:10 AM and be maintaining a 12:00 per mile pace (more … Continue reading

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Been Busy

I’ve not been doing much besides working eating and sleeping the last while. During that time I compiled quite a list of “things to blog about”. In order to clear the backlog, I present A list of things I thought … Continue reading

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Better Titled: "Hemingway's Takes on Classic Bar Jokes"

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