Last test, I promise (for now)

Are you getting sick of these test posts? Me too. Have a look at SF Signals thoughts about Borders

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2 Responses to Last test, I promise (for now)

  1. cindy says:

    If you haven’t read my facebook post I’ll re-mentioned that Santa Cruzians are practically dancing in the street over the Boarders news. Ben was at work and customers were bringing in celebratory cakes and tarts(the expensive kind) for the store. The boarders that is closing in Santa Cruz took years of legal wrangling just to get their foot in the door. I question their descion to even come to Santa Cruz when they were so unwelcome.

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Poor Borders. We’ll see if they survive despite they’re reorganization. They don’t have the leg up that Barnes & Noble does into the internet business.

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