Humans are Humans and Some aren't very Nice

According to the AJC, a University of Alabama fan has poisoned Auburn’s famous Toomer’s Corner Live Oaks, a set of 130 year-old oak trees. Why?

From the radio show where he made the claim:

According to the Opelika-Auburn News, the caller said he poisoned the oaks because Auburn students rolled the trees to celebrate the death of Alabama coaching legend Paul “Bear” Bryant in 1983.

The caller signed off with, “Roll Damn Tide.”

Some days I’m just not happy to be a member of the same species as some other people.

Sure, in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t murder, nor is it genocide, nor the deliberate torture of children nor the calling for the murder of doctors, but really? Killing trees because you’re angry? I don’t like you .

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2 Responses to Humans are Humans and Some aren't very Nice

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  2. cindy says:

    I saw this and I was sad as an auburn alumni I know those trees.

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