New/Old Look to the Blog

Up until I made my server move, I’d been using the Seashore theme, tricked out with a few mods. For example, I had a quote plugin that would throw a random quotation or joke (of my own selection) up onto the header part of the page. Plus, I had some code I borrowed from my friend Chris Schierer that allowed for random header images to appear. There were other tweaks, too, but those were the main ones. It looked like this:

Old Evil Eyebrow

Now, with the move, I discover I borked the theme somehow. It won’t even turn on. So, we’re going with the standard basic WordPress theme of Twenty-Ten, which is actually quite nice. Its clean and easy on the eyes, with good text management and readability, something that my previous theme was disappointing me about (and I was trying to fix).

I had pretty much given up on the Seashore theme when I did this server move and discarding it was forced upon me. As it is, I like what I see now. I’m sure I’ll get in there and tweak stuff, at least to get my random header images back. Until then, you’ll just have to put up with the default.

New Evil Eyebrow

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