Congratulations! You Made the Move to my New Site!

Congratulations! If you’re reading this post, that means that you’re already set up to transparently observe my server move for the Evil Eyebrow. If you’re reading this on or around February 14, you’re all set to go; you’re the first bullet point (12:45 edit: or the second) that is described temporarily over at the old site and quoted here:

For the entire life of this blog, The Evil Eyebrow, it has been hosted underneath the umbrella of our domain. You could access it through, but it redirected you to (oh, god, the URL length)

There were reasons for this, but none of them apply any longer.

Very shortly, there will be a move from to This will be transparent for some people, but unfortunately, not very many.

What this means:

  • Anyone accessing the site with a bookmark to or, you’re good to go.
  • Anyone accessing the site with a bookmark to, you’re likely to see some interruption, but hopefully, I’ll write the redirect script correctly so that you get sent to However, I highly recommend you update your bookmark
  • Anyone accessing this site through a feed, you’re most likely accessing This feed will be dead, dead, dead in short order. It’s possible that I could keep it alive, but I don’t want to. Henceforth the feed address will be, although if your feedreader is smart, it should be able to grab that directly from the website.

I guess I’ll find out how many people really like to follow my blog.

There are still some growing pains right now, so if you find yourself clicking on links and ending up at a link, we’re working on that. If, a few days from now, that’s still happening, please let me know.

The site is going to be positively deprecated by next weekend (i.e.,I’m axing the database so that legacy url problems are obvious) but I’ll put up a notice or two reminding people who haven’t changed their feed that the website is no longer operational.

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