Weekend Project

I had a very brief weekend project which I finally took care of, because I happened to be going to Home Depot and could pick up the wood. I built THIS!
Quick and Dirty 30 Minute Monitor Shelf

I’m no carpenter, but my father did teach me a few things about putting pieces of wood together. I know the basics, and I know what I don’t know (which is the first step to wisdom, I hear). I don’t have all the right tools for making “furniture” but I can make an approximation good enough for what is needed. For example, my main goal was to replace the big green box that was holding up my second monitor, shown in this image.

Office Mess

It works quite well, and is easy to push around on the desk and was measured so I can shove the laptop underneath the frame to get the computer out of the way. Also, if you compare the two pictures, you’ll note that the BigGreenBox put the second monitor way up high. Now it’s less neck-cracking.

And I have some desk space back!

Quick and Dirty 30 Minute Monitor Shelf

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