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Idimager vs. Lightroom: Part II

30 Aug 2013 update: Note that this discussion¬†has been deprecated by¬†Photo Supreme supplanting Idimager. The following discussion isn’t relevant anymore. The Situation Last week I ranted about Idimager. Since then, it has actually come around a bit. Two things occurred … Continue reading

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Attention Roleplaying Travelers: Tetrahedra Pack Best

Just now coming to my attention: Experiments in packing have determined that tetrahedra (4 sided dice) pack together most efficiently (subscription req’d) when randomly shaken in boxes. This news, from last year, is quite cool because how else do you … Continue reading

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Is it a jailbreak if—through inaction—you are released before your time is up? Apparently a woman was released from prison a year early due to a paperwork snafu. If she knew that she still had time left and was complicit … Continue reading

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I'm GLaD…

I’m GLaD that today (at least) the cake was not a lie.

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USPS is Having Issues with Truthiness

In case you weren’t aware, we had a bit of snow and ice last week. I know our mail delivery person did not come to our mailbox on last Wednesday. Curious that a notice was left, according to the tracking … Continue reading

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Blogging, Databasing, Site-ing

As mentioned yesterday, I’m a bit of a homebody right now. Not moving around too much. Other than watching the Packers trounce the Falcons, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting various internet-, network- and computer-based things functional; tasks … Continue reading

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Injury – Frustration

Last night I attended/worked the Search for the Golden Sprocket, an event sponsored by The Extraordinary Contraptions. I arrived earlier than most of the band and discovered that the primary entrance to the venue was a slick ice death trap. … Continue reading

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Why Southerners Can't Handle Winter (Or Can They?)

I spent my formative years in places like New Hampshire and New York. I grew up, played soccer, camped, bussed to school (generally had a normal life) in weather conditions that are not seen often in areas collectively known as … Continue reading

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Georgia Legislative Session 2011

I’ve been paying more and more attention to Georgia politics over the last few years. Partly because it directly affects my job, but also because it’s interesting in an OH MY GOD kind of way. I expect that is the … Continue reading

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Marathon Training Continues

With this week’s snowpocalypse, doing any sort of regularly scheduled training has been difficult. Running on the sidewalks has been impossible (or extremely ill-advised, see this image and this tweet of mine) and until yesterday it was also not advisable … Continue reading

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