Other Interesting Race Timing News

I seem to make it a habit of examining race timings.

However, in this case, no real analysis was needed: I think the ATC has messed up some timings from Saturday’s race.

I clocked a 26:00 for that race, according to my watch. According to the official race results, I actually ran a 25:40!

Usually I wouldn’t complain when the race results differ from my own measurement in the good direction, however twenty full seconds is an awful lot, and certainly not explained by measurement anomalies on my end. I could accept five seconds easy, having to do with when I pushed buttons as I crossed the timing mats but twenty is outside my willingness to believe.

As a check, here are my mile splits:

  • Mile 1: 8:39
  • Mile 2: 8:15
  • Mile 3 (calculated, no split): 8:16
  • Mile 3.1: 0:50 (8:20 Pace)
  • Total: 26:00

You’ll just have to trust me that those splits fit well with my level of effort.

So, hmmm… I’ll be passing this along to the ATC, for their consideration.

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