Projects Big and Small

Referring to my Discipline posting, I present for your edification the listing of projects currently under way, big and small. This is pretty much everything outside of repetitive chores and duties.

  • Secret Project (it’s a secret) – planning stages
  • Rearrange garage for better access & hang the bikes – just gotta do it
  • Move the desk to Jenn’s Office – This is something that requires from Jenn some work before we can move anything
  • Secret Project #2 – on hiatus; requires more materials
  • Finish the Downstairs – Yeah, this has been on the list for years. It hasn’t advanced to even the planning stages yet
  • Rampage through my closet – it needs it
  • Write – a bit every day
  • Firewood – we are out of firewood by the fire pit. Something must be done
  • Cull t-shirts – I recently did this, but it’s still not enough. Once more unto the breach
  • Talking Traffic – I have several half-outlined podcasts
  • Vocal Recording – I’m involved with Superfluid
  • Georgia Appalachian Trail Club – I have a mile of trail section up in North Georgia that I maintain
  • Running/Triathlon – ’nuff said
  • Cookbook – A while back Jenn and I gave a cookbook with our favorite recipes to friends and familes for Christmas. We’re going to revisit that this year
  • Christmas Cards – more like groundhog day cards right now
  • Driveway/Retaining Wall repair – need some investigation before we can decide what to do
  • Secret Project #3 – materials acquired, just requires work
  • Malibu lights – my outdoor lights are not working
  • Secret Project #4 – again, just requires time
  • Professional work – all that stuff I do between 7 AM and 4 PM
  • Learn guitar – exactly
  • Craft weekend – I’m hosting a craft weekend at our place on the weekend of January 29th. I should but a bit of effort into that

This is by no means an exhaustive list, although it is exhausting. A Zen life I do not lead.

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