Key West 2010


For Christmas and New Years of 2010, Jennifer, David, Sharon and I went to Key West!

There was much fun and hijinks. You can see many pictures over at my flickr set (currently all the images are unlabeled. Hopefully I’ll get to that soon), but a quick run down is thus:

  • Duval Street is a crazy crazy place to be. But fun.
  • Key West contains the worst drivers/pedestrians/cyclists of any place I’ve ever been, bar none.
  • I forgot how nice it is to see the horizon for sunsets and sunrises. Lubbock, Texas spoiled me on that.
  • While it’s not cold on the beach over Christmas, it’s not precisely warm, either.
  • Atlanta has much better places for dancing. The only place we really found for some good dancing was Virgilio’s.
  • We had a grand time, and look forward to the next time we can go back.
  • Cycling around the island was pleasant, although refer back to the second bullet point.
  • Next time we’re taking the trip out to Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson.
  • The drive home was a killer, though. We got up at 3:30 AM on Sunday morning and I didn’t sit down and be done until about 8:30 PM. That was a long day.

    Be sure to check out the flickr set. We had a blast.

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