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Running without Ego

I have a philosophy that I try to embue in the people around me who are also participating in endurance sports. It is symbolized by the phrase, “Run Without Ego.” What it means is that you should be running/biking/swimming/rowing/whatevering for … Continue reading

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Craft Weekend

We are hosting a Craft Weekend at our house starting tomorrow. The stated purpose is to “get shit done.” I declared this particular activity because I last put a picture into a scrapbook around the end of 2006. Thusly I … Continue reading

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State of the Union vs. Real Politic

Last night’s State of the Union address was standard and predictable: high-minded appeals to a better future and how we’re going to get there, with few specifics. States of the Union are never very specific, however and the Republican responses … Continue reading

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Today's Sunrise

I get some good sunrises at work.

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Other Interesting Race Timing News

I seem to make it a habit of examining race timings. However, in this case, no real analysis was needed: I think the ATC has messed up some timings from Saturday’s race. I clocked a 26:00 for that race, according … Continue reading

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Inside an Accordion

We took a detour on the way home from the Peachtree City 5k/10k to deliver Sharon’s accordion to a repair shop. I got to see what the inside of an accordion looked like! Honestly, I had zero mental image of … Continue reading

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Atlanta Track Club Peachtree City 5k/10k 2011 -and- Injury Update

I ran today with Keith and Jaime the Atlanta Track Club 5k/10k in Peachtree City (we all ran the 5k). I turned in a 26:00 according to my watch and both Keith and Jaime broke their previous PRs. Go us! … Continue reading

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Astrology takes another Whacking

It appears that Astrologic horoscopes from Yahoo have a bunch of similarities. Big surprise, I know. Click through the image to go to the Information is Beautiful site that includes discussion of how that did this.

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I Learn my Job Every Day

If you had asked me yesterday, “Bill, can you prevent pedestrians from crossing a bridge during construction?” my answer would have been “Sure.” And I would have been wrong wrong wrong: From the 2009 Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices … Continue reading

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Not enough Math Geeks

The biggest fundamental problem1 with working as a Traffic Engineer is that most of my colleagues don’t get my math jokes. For example, I will have to explain this to a lot of people in the office today. 1: Truly, … Continue reading

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