Foot in Mouth Disease: "Runner" Definition

A race commentator in New Zealand recently decided that the person who won a race wasn’t “a real runner”.

You see, Morgan had won the race but because he’s a big guy the race announcer (Mr. Dark a local Radio DJ) felt he simply wasn’t a real runner.

“What right does the announcer have to say I’m not a ‘real runner’? I train just as hard as any 75kg runner,” Morgan said after the race.

“It was a throw-away comment … but he certainly doesn’t look like an elite runner, I stand by that.”

However, he does not take the harsh words back. “I call it as I see it.”

This guy needs a whack on the head. I acknowledge many different ways to define “runner” but one of the most primary is “wins the race”.

Personally, my definition of a runner is easy: A signature on a race form. That’s it. If you run a 5k race in 45 minutes, I will still call you a runner.

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