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  1. Kim
    November 30, 2010

    I AM a government employee. I’ve HAVE been in the military. I USED TO work in a high-security environment.

    My biggest problem with leaks is not so much the information itself but how the information was gained. A large number of classified documents aren’t classified for the information they contain – they’re classified because we shouldn’t have that information in the first place. Our ‘enemies’ knowing that we know whatever is in those documents tips off our spies, our technology, and our information channels.

    These information leaks have the incredibly large potential to put a great number of our people in danger. It also alerts those we collect against that we have ways to learn what we learn, and they can use that to cut off those sources of information. That puts us in the dark, a dangerous place to be.

    I’m a fan of open government, but responsibly. I don’t find these WikiLeaks responsible in the slightest. I’ll admit I haven’t spent the time to wade through what’s been released – most of it probably isn’t doing much harm out in the open. But some of it has now put American lives and technology in a precarious situation. I have a major problem with that.

  2. Kim
    November 30, 2010
  3. MikeZ
    December 1, 2010

    I thought it was interesting to see one of the first things listed in the new thinkgeek.com catalog I recieve are actual half dollar and quarters that have been cut in half hollowed out and are capable of holding a micro-sd card.

    I saw that and thought yeah the government really needs to rethink its strategy here. There is just no way to prevent someone from sneaking out data if it is that small/portable and can be easily disguised as something everybody already has in their pocket.

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