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Wikileaks, First Amendment, Espionage, Information Security

I’ve been having some lively discussions surrounding Wikileaks’ release of United States diplomatic cables on November 28, 2010. I seem to be confusing some people with my arguments and statements. I intend to clear this up. For the record: I … Continue reading

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Amusment of the Day

I received some email today. Here is a portion of the first: Hello, We own the domain name and we are selling the domain for $700. We thought this may be of interest to you as you own a … Continue reading

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Creepy LiveJournal 404 Error

Is this not the creepiest 404 you’ve ever seen?

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This is not the Post you’re Looking For. Move Along

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Curabitur nisi dui, sollicitudin at tincidunt quis, luctus sit amet diam. Praesent tincidunt sapien id enim semper congue. Quisque malesuada vulputate eros ut tempus. Proin pulvinar diam vitae sapien congue elementum auctor … Continue reading

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I Like the New Ending

“Thank you for assuming the party recovery position”

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Fascinating Google Analytics Stat

Apparently, I’m a hot item. I know this because there was a huge HUGE spike of activity on my blog on September 26, 2010. I couldn’t recall what was so important; I had to go back and look up what … Continue reading

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New Notebook

I use notebooks at work. I subscribe to the philosophy that if you don’t write it down, it didn’t happen. Since 2000, I’ve been using National Brand 5×5 Quad Paper with Eye Ease® paper. I love these notebooks and have … Continue reading

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Dresden Dolls has a Drummer

I saw The Dresden Dolls last night (for the first time). They were fun, exciting, energetic; basically a total blast. But, all props to Amanda Fucking Palmer, Brian Viglione got most of my attention during the show. He has so … Continue reading

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Modern US President

Thanks, David, for passing this along to me. I am amused. (and it’s true: let the dude smoke if he needs to) You know, as I was about to push POST on this, I realized that I couldn’t think of … Continue reading

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