Koran Burning: Thoughts

Surely you have heard by now of the Gainesville, FL pastor who is planning to burn the Koran on Saturday as a commemoration of 9/11. If not, go to that link first and check it out.

My thoughts, in order of their appearance when I heard the news:

  1. What a douchebag
  2. He’s going to cause a lot of trouble in the Islamic world
  3. If only he weren’t a douchebag
  4. But wait, shouldn’t Muslims just chill out and realize that this particular douchebag represents approximately one microspittle of the population of the US (50 parishioners)?
  5. Not the crazy ones, who are the ones who perpetrated 9/11 in the first place
  6. But isn’t this a free speech issue, at least from an American perspective?
  7. Oh! Great idea! We need to go to Gainesville on April 19 and burn some bibles to commemorate the Oklahoma City Bombing. Those guys were Christian after all.
  8. But wait! If we’re going to do that, we need to do something similar for the Jews and the Buddhists and the Shinto and the Hindus. We’ll have to find some nutjob anniversary for each of them too
  9. This could be a growth industry! There must be a way to monetize this

And I can say all of these stupid inane things because I’m an American and I have the right to do so. Just like that dipwad in Gainesville has every right to burn the Koran if he wants. The unfortunate fact is that he’s doing it for the wrong reasons. He’s doing it because he believes that Islam is one of the (many I’m sure) tools of the devil trying to bring down the Godly plan of having Christians rule the world. I think he should do it just because he can do it. By stating that “I’m burning this Koran because I am an American and I’m exercising my right to do so” he would be striking a blow for the Christian Freedom of His Beloved Country, For Whom God Has Made a New Eden. Although he should also burn some other books as he does so, to emphasize the point.

However, a man who is an obvious colleague of the Fred Phelps School of Hate probably doesn’t think quite that deeply about the inherent contradiction of the position he is maintaining. Here he is, in the first country in the world to enshrine in the highest law of the land the absolute right to a) burn that Koran and b) be a Muslim who hates him for it, and say so.

Seriously, Gainesville. You need to find out what version of the bible this guy’s church uses and go have a nice weeney roast somewhere nearby.

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4 Responses to Koran Burning: Thoughts

  1. Jeanettre & John says:

    Sing it brother!

    Seriously, how does someone with a congregation of 50 get this kind of media? I work for a Fortune 10 and we can’t get that kind of publicity (good or bad) and we pay for it!!

    I suppose this is actually a good example to the Muslim world of the nut jobs we have in our own country instead of their own. On the other hand, between this and the backlash to the mosque in NYC
    it really does appear that facism is on the rise in this country.

    Where will the Caldwell compound for democracy be located??

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  3. Jeff says:

    Whenever “conservatives” I know start going off on the community center two blocks from ground zero I always ask, “So do you feel that Christian churches shouldn’t be built near the Federal building in Oklahoma City?” I also ask if Catholic and Protestant churches shouldn’t be built near each other due all the terrorist acts in Ireland? We probably shouldn’t build churches near any French or Spanish embassies either due to the Basque separatists?

    My point being, we’re Americans, we’re better than that. All this fear mongering for political gain is par for the course in human history. I wish we could all just grow up.

    I vote for someplace tropical for the Caldwell Compound. Although I hear that there is an island for sale in Snug Harbor!

  4. Kim says:

    I wonder if he’s considered all the Jesus loving Christians that are going to die because of his whackadoodle idea. This is going to be very ugly if/when they do this. We’re already losing servicemembers every day, we definitely don’t need any extra incentive. Clearly those that caused 9/11 aren’t going to give a damn that we’re all against that one microspittle’s brainless actions. Too many of my friends are in Arab countries right now; I can’t handle this kind of stupidity.

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