Dragon*Con 2010

I am returned from another year of Dragon*Con. As I posted to my twitter stream, I believe I left everything on the field. The last several years of Dragon*Con have been all about the night life for me, which means that sleep becomes seriously sacrificed. My normal sleep schedule is 4 AM to 8 AM for three nights and I think I got slightly less than that on average during the Con.

I only entered my home about two hours ago and I’m about to crash. Here is a summary of some postings that will likely appear here soon:

  • Convention/Conference Panels: A guide to not being a douchey audience member
  • An hour with George Hrab and Marina Sirtis’ butt
  • Did Denise Crosby storm off stage for real, or for effect
  • The Extraordinary Contraptions!
  • Others

I will also post the pictures I took, but for now, you can content yourself with this flickr stream search.

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2 Responses to Dragon*Con 2010

  1. Steve says:

    Yesterday @ 10 AM, I was emceeing the “Ham Radio Tricks” presentation in the Science track.

  2. Bill Ruhsam says:

    Alas. It’s too bad we missed each other.

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