Comcast Does not Like Us

If it did, it would make our web browsing experience more usable, not less.

For example, if you’re a corporation looking to steal browsing by unethically redirecting traffic to your own search page, you might use your monopoly of the cable network to force people to do so. Perhaps, for example, when they mistype a URL in the address bar.

“Not so!” you exclaim. “Surely Comcast wouldn’t do such an annoying thing?”

Alas, they are. Comcast is participating in DNS hijacking. Read about it here.

I’ve found a way around it, though. The problem arises when you mistype a URL, not when you mistype key words. Those key words still get processed by your search provider of choice, in my case Google. However, if instead of typing “Best Blog EVAH” into your address bar, you type “” (note the misspelling) you’ll get shoved to a Comcast Search engine (powered by Yahoo!) instead of Google.

You can instead type in “eveileyebrow com” (note the lack of a “.” in the address) and google will handily sent you to the blog, or to the google search engine if it can’t find it. No Comcastic crap to worry about.

For the record, this is a hack and not a solution. Typing in a long URL with spaces instead of dots will just get you to a search page rather than your actual URL

I am not a fan of the Comcast right now. As evidenced by my twitter posting of a few minutes ago. When I’m dropping F-bombs on line, you know I really mean it.

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