2010 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon

I ran the 2010 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon this morning. I wasn’t ready, but that’s only 1/3 my fault. Well, 2/3. Back to that in a second.

Here are my times (this course is ~450 meters, 14 miles and a 5k):

William Ruhsam (35-40 Age Group; Total of 92 Competitors)

  • Swim 10:35 22nd in my Age Group
  • T1 1:32 22nd in my Age Group
  • Bike 43:07 59th in my Age Group
  • T2 1:11 45th in my Age Group
  • Run 26:27 42nd in my Age Group
  • Total 1:22:50 45th in my Age Group (270th overall)

Compared to Last Year with 124 in my Age Group

  • Swim (1/3 mile) 8:42 12th in my age group
  • T1 1:50 21st in my age group
  • Bike (13.9 miles) 37:39 28th in my age group
  • T2 0:50 3rd in my age group
  • Run (3.1 miles) 23:35 24th in my age group
  • Total 1:12:35 18th in my age group

As you can see, I lost over ten minutes from last year. Most of that on the Bike. There are two reasons for this (well, three):

  1. I wasn’t training for an Ironman this year. I didn’t have eight months of constant long-distance endurance training to give me a base
  2. I was injured for the last three weeks. I didn’t move a muscle so that my calf would heal. I’m trying to train for a marathon, after all.
  3. I was a lazy butt for the last three weeks. I could have gone swimming at least.

Anyhow. I’m perfectly happy with the race. As always, it was a well-supported race with great volunteers and superb organization. I had a friend with me, David Tyberg, who was kind enough to take some cameraphone videos of me transitioning. I’ll see if they’re worthy of being posted here.

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