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Forced Perspective

This is a sweet picture (not mine).

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We Occasionally Have this Conversation

We often get mail that is addressed to “Mr. & Mrs. William Ruhsam”1. Or just to “Bill and Jenn Ruhsam”. Or better yet, horribly misspelled “Bill & Jenn Rubslumsraaqq”. At the cat clinic we take Psyche to, I’m “Mr. Bowie” … Continue reading

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Office and Workflow Reorganization

click through for lots of notes on the image I have purchased a new PC. Specifically a laptop so I can be a bit more mobile with my digital life. Some of the travails of this purchase are described in … Continue reading

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Comcast Does not Like Us

If it did, it would make our web browsing experience more usable, not less. For example, if you’re a corporation looking to steal browsing by unethically redirecting traffic to your own search page, you might use your monopoly of the … Continue reading

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Night of Astounding Peculiarities

Last night I attended The Night of Astounding Peculiarities at Lenny’s Bar in Atlanta. We were treated to entertainment by Thimblerig Circus (show above), Witness the Apotheosis, and the always extraordinary Extraordinary Contraptions! If you haven’t heard the Contraptions play, … Continue reading

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Idimager: Still some Issues

One of the reasons I purchased my new computer was because Idimager was running soooo slow on my old one. It’s all well and good to have a digital asset manager to wrangle your photography, but if you can’t stand … Continue reading

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2010 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon

I ran the 2010 Peachtree City Sprint Triathlon this morning. I wasn’t ready, but that’s only 1/3 my fault. Well, 2/3. Back to that in a second. Here are my times (this course is ~450 meters, 14 miles and a … Continue reading

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Running/Triathlon Training: State of the Bill

I had a commenter a while back say that he missed my posts about running and triathlon training. Alas, for the last little while there hasn’t been much to post, but here is a general update: Jennifer and I are … Continue reading

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Transferring an iTunes Library from an Old PC to a New PC

I was lighting up the internet last night with foul and obscene posts regarding Apple and Steve Jobs and iTunes’ general suckiness because of one thing: An inability to—inside iTunes—easily make the switch from one computer to another. I eventually … Continue reading

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College Mindset List

It’s interesting to me to read the Beloit College Mindset List every year which picks some cultural references that incoming freshman just won’t get and also situating their outlook for the rest of us. Beloit College Mindset List Some of … Continue reading

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