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Sans Serif Can Be Evil

This was the top posting on FiveThirtyEight this morning. I stared at it for a good ten seconds before going to the text and realizing that the posting was talking about Byrd’s sickness, not the fact that he was a … Continue reading

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From the Producer of "Javatar"

I’m not a programmer yet I find this enormously amusing. It probably wouldn’t be as much fun if it were in English. And don’t forget to click on the vuvuzela button!

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Happy Solstice!

In three…two…one…NOW! Congratulations on surviving our free annual trip around the sun. I understand that next year’s journey is being cut 5% due to the economic downturn.

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Not a Random Video: Family!

My brother in law, John Ryan, works for the Montery Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California (MBARI, pronounced Em-Bar-Eee). He’s helping out with some gulf oil spill stuff. See him at 1:11. Update: I apologize if you got random crappy … Continue reading

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TED Talk and Animated Short

Here is a great TED Talk about math education. But forget about that; math’s not important. Go to 11:40 and watch the animated short.

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Meetings as Sabotage

Bruce Schneier linked to a declassified sabotage manual from WWII (pdf). It’s an easy quick read if you’re interested. It contains a lot of general ideas of how to be a pain in the ass to an occupying power. It … Continue reading

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Chemistry Lesson

Saw it on Bad Astronomy

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