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Jessica Watson Almost Home

Unless I’m screwing up the date line, Jessica Watson should be home tomorrow, May 15th (in Sydney, Australia). If you missed my last post on the topic, Jessica is about to be the youngest person to do an unassisted ’round-the-world … Continue reading

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More Noise and Smoke from the GOP

You know what I hate? What I really really hate? I hate sounding like I’m a mouthpiece for the Democratic party. Unfortunately I can’t let stand certain things, like when Conservative mouthpieces just plain make stuff up. Did you know … Continue reading

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On a Lighter Note

If you’re sick of politics, watch this: “Until they got caught by man-eating teddy bears.”

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Maine GOP Jumps the Shark

The Maine Republican party has voted in a new platform filled with buzzwords, diatribe and just plain craziness. Usually, I don’t care too much about other state’s political doings, but my in-laws mostly live in Maine and it’s sad to … Continue reading

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Jessica Watson Almost Home; Unsupported Around the World Sail

For those of you who have not been following along at home, Jessica Watson is about to complete her Around the World sailing voyage, solo and unsupported. Oh, and she turns 17 on the 18th of May. She’ll be the … Continue reading

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Youtube Favorites of Recent Vintage

Molly Lewis does Lady Gaga. I find this video fun to watch for several reasons, one of which is that Molly Lewis has one of those faces that lights up when there’s a smile on it. See for yourself. Time … Continue reading

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Imperial Symphony, in Legos

I’m not sure how I’ve never seen this before.

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