Fun Holiday Weekend!

In case it hasn’t been explicitly published, Jenn and I are putting our house on the market. Reasons are various but the main one is that we want to live closer in to town. We’re thinking Decatur, Oakbrook, Kirkwood, East Atlanta, Grant Park, something like that. We don’t plan to start looking very hard until we get a contract on our existing house, which brings us to the meat of this posting.

Fun is being had preparing the house for sale. The objective, of course, is to repair any little issues and present the home in an appealing manner. Right now, the guest bathroom is in a [ahem] state of disarray as we are working on pulling off wallpaper and putting a nice new surface on them. This became more challenging than we thought when we began. Probably we’ll end up having a professional resurface the drywall before we paint. Hopefully that will be done in about a week.

This weekend I spent a great deal of time spiccing and spanning the living room and kitchen. I cleaned everything and packed away 5.5 years of accumulated stuff in order to show them off to better advantage. As the week goes by, I will be attacking rooms individually to get things cleaned up. Then I have a few tasks out in the yard before we can say that the house is “ready”.

We have a goal for sale (which i won’t tell you) but we’re not planning on pricing ourselves out of the market in order to make some crazy profit. We want to move, and sooner would be better than later, although I guess you could say there would be…entertainment…if we were moving right around the time that Jenn was finishing up her Tenure dossier.

So, wish us luck. If nothing else, we’ll be keeping the house clean for the foreseeable future.

I’d include pictures but my camera is currently visiting a friend’s place in Decatur, alas

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