Streets Alive Atlanta

Biking in from Inman Park MARTA where we picked up Keith

We attended Streets Alive in Atlanta on Sunday. It was a blast! They closed down Edgewood Avenue from Peachtree Street to Boulevard and Auburn Street from Peachtree to the Connector. There were cyclists and skateboarders and rollerbladers and walkers and strollers and jugglers and all sorts of stuff. It was a lot of fun. Hot, but fun.

One of the coolest things I saw though was this guy (who’s name I totally didn’t get!).


He passed us while we were on a group ride around town, on his way to the Streets Alive. On his bike he had:

  • A dog
  • A guitar
  • Himself
  • His amp
  • His speaker
  • The speaker stand
  • The battery to power all that stuff
  • Microphone and stand

That’s hard core. I love it.

There’s more images of him and his dog at my flickr set of the event.

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