New Author! Exciting Trip!

You may have noticed a Hello World type message just now. I choose to leave it there rather than remove it because it does two things:

  1. It calls attention to my inability to spell. If I could spell, than that posting would be “Hello” rather than “Hello2″. The first one was rejected because I misentered my brother-in-law’s email address
  2. It begins the new postings by Mark Chapman during the Chapman Family Circumnavigation of Mississippi (state) and environs.

Mark, my Dad (Bill Sr.) and my two nephews via Mark are doing a boat journey from Tulsa, OK to the Gulf of Mexico, up the Tombigbee, back to the Mississippi and then home to Tulsa. I believe they are in Little Rock, AR right now.

But I’ll let Mark tell the story through his postings. Welcome everyone who are here to follow Mark, Bill, Tommy and Greg. Welcome to the Evil Eyebrow. I hope you’ll stay a while.

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