Happy First of April Day

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April Fool’s Day has always been somewhat of a mystery to me. Part of that is because I’ve never been into practical jokes; I’m not a fan of being on the receiving end which translates into not wanting to offer them up to someone else. Plus I always feel obligated to help clean up if someone gets a messy prank played on them (such as filling an office cubicle with shredded paper).

That being said, I’ve been a huge advocate for the tongue-in-cheek reporting that comes out today. I just saw a posting for Google acquiring nuclear weapons and a few years ago NPR had the story of the exploding maple trees of Maine (I want to be a professor of arboreal thermodynamics). Those, I think, are near the pinnacle of jokes/entertainment because everyone gets to enjoy them, including the victims.

I’ll be listening to NPR today to see what they come up with.

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