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Fun with Republicans

I read Pharyngula. I read it for several reasons. One of less noble reasons is the occasional (or not so occasional) opportunity to participate in an internet dose of shadenfreude. Like, for example, when a Republican website goes freaking crazy … Continue reading

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Almost There!

We’re almost back to merely being “extremely high” rather than “really stupidly high“

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LED Fun!

Most Youtube videos that are 7.5 minutes long will not keep me staring at them in abject fascination. Especially when all you’re looking at is spinning lights. This one did.

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These People are Insane…

…and are trying to kill you through lack of sleep You may recall my recent post about Unclutterer and the person who was advocating less sleep to get more done. Well, they’re at it again. I say to Unclutterer, by … Continue reading

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Four Chord Pop Song

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Economics by Rap

I’d heard about this video a few months ago. Finally got around to watching it. I did not study the theory of economics outside of high school so this was educational for me.

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One of the Better Posts in a While

There are frequent complaints about internet grammar. I contribute to the pool of people doing the complaining despite my not-so-occasional typo or its/it’s screwup. (I vote that “it’s” be disbanded and all forms of “its” be spelled without the apostrophe. … Continue reading

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It's Not What's For Dinner

Some people dislike cilantro with a passion. My wife, the ineffable Jennifer, will not have it around. I find this unfortunate because I happen to like cilantro a lot. It turns out that she is in good company. Some people … Continue reading

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Pollen Apocalypse

Editorial Note: This was written last week. “Yesterday” = “Not Sunday”. Some minor server issues and general laziness kept it from being posted. Everything is still true, though. I always find myself strangely fascinated this time of year in Georgia—the … Continue reading

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Will it Blend? iPad Edition!

Will it Blend has already done an iPad. I love this guy.

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