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It’s been a busy few days. Lots of stuff going on.

But let’s start with something funny that I have in common with this girl who ran the ING Georgia Half Marathon today.

Runner with Her Tongue Out

Let’s Compare!

Sticking my Tongue Out!

That was last Friday while I was giving a presentation on Diverging Diamond Interchanges (Soon to be a podcast at!) Sticking my tongue out when I concentrate is a habit I’ve been trying to break for years. This is incentive.

What else did I do? Oh yes: I gave a presentation to the Georgia section of the American Society of Highway Engineers on something that is near and dear to me, professionally, right now.

Diverging Diamond Interchanges

A diverging diamond interchange is, well, Talking Traffic is going to cover that in just a few and ’til then you can hit Wikipedia.

The presentation went very well and I got a lot of good questions from the other engineers and planners in the audience.

Dimitri and Aelus

On Saturday I ran the sound board and recording setup for The Extraordinary Contraptions. Pictures of that concert, and one this morning are at my flickr stream. This was at Momocon, which is a free convention put on at Georgia Tech. It’s an anime and cosplay and steampunk convention. Much fun was had.

North Atlanta Multisport Club

On Sunday I grabbed my bike and my MARTA pass and headed to downtown to cheer on the other people in the North Atlanta Multisport Club who were running in the ING Georgia Marathon and Half Marathon. I also got some good pictures while following the race route.

It’s been a good weekend!

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