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I haven’t opined much on the Health Care bill being trundled around the country. That’s because I knew that whatever shape it had a year ago would be different once it got to the point of final passage. Here’s what I think:

No one has a damned clue whether or not this will:

a) Improve healthcare

b) Reduce costs

c) Be an overall benefit to the Country

Now, let me rephrase that. No one has a damned clue whether or not this will:

a) Disimprove healthcare

b) Raise costs

c) Be an overall detriment to the Country

This is just too big an issue for anyone to analyze and have me believe that they know “what’s going to happen!” Only history and time will tell.

With that in mind, I say pass it. Why? Because we are the only “first-world” country that does not provide comprehensive health care (or health benefits) to our citizens. We consciously allow people to go without normal care because they cannot afford it or have pre-existing conditions; care that would reduce the amount and cost of future health care thus reducing the overall burden. Without getting into the details of the rest of the package, that one thing is enough to sell it for me. Keep in mind that I’m coming from the position of that Middle Class Taxpayer who’s going to be overly taxed by this legislation as well as a very healthy person who rarely sees the doctor for anything other than routine checkups.

So, bring it on, Congresscritters! Sure, it’s not the best bill that could be, but the most important thing is to pass something that looks vaguely health-care shaped and continue to work on it through the years. I take my model here as the Civil Rights Act of 1964. We’re still working on that one and that is not a criticism.

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