Socialism is good for…

This quote from a CNN Tech article (which is a further quote from another location) amuses the hell out of me:

Being a socialist is a great way to get laid in college but it’s no way to run a society.

The article in question is about five silly slogans for tech companies. Check it out.

I especially agree that Google’s slogan of Don’t Be Evil isn’t exactly the slogan of a for-profit company. I don’t see how Google can not be evil, for some values of evil. Check the onion for related content.

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One Response to Socialism is good for…

  1. SKG says:

    Originally, google set up their stock share structure so that the owners controlled the company, and regular share holders just participated in any profits (or losses.)

    Their prospectus said very clearly (and I assume still does) that maximizing profit is not the primary goal of the company and if you don’t like it, don’t buy their stock.

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