I filled out my brackets for March Madness at lunch. I do two of them every year. One based on my best intuition of the coming contests and one based on coinflip. Coinflip usually beats intuition.

Now it’s important to realize that by “best intuition” I mean, “my best guess” or “whichever team has a cooler sounding name” or “I’m feeling perverse so I’m picking Old Dominion over Duke in the Elite Eight”. I have no real knowledge of any of these teams; I’m not a basketball fan. That doesn’t prevent me from doing my bounden duty to waste time during the month of March and contribute to the lack of productity nationwide.

My intuition bracket has Ohio State, Butler, West Virginia, and Villanova in the Final Four with Villanova defeating Ohio State in the championship. Yes, I’m prejudiced against #1 seeds this year.

My coinflip bracket has an amusing set of matchups. Indeed, Old Dominion defeats Duke in the elite eight, as I alluded to above however OD then loses to UTEP in the final. Yes, ladies and gents, UTEP is going all the way!

Coinflip rounded out the rest of the final four with Kansas and Missouri. So I’ve got a twelve seed defeating an eleven seed in the championship after defeating the one seed from the Midwest (Kansas). Missouri is the ten seed from the East. If coinflip gets it right, I’ll be impressed.

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