They Might Be Giants, Jonathan Coulton, Sick

They Might Be Giants

We went to see They Might Be Giants last night, opened by Jonathan Coulton. This was both a fun night and an exceptionally long one.

Fun because I got to hang with friends having pizza and beer prior to the concert and enjoying the music during. Long because I was/am sick as the proverbial dog and was having difficulty not just sitting against a wall and listening to the drums in my own head.

Beyond the cold, the concert was a lot of fun. Jonathan Coulton’s music is fun and TMBG’s stuff is also wacky and wild. We were treated to two different sets of music by sock puppets. How often can you say that?

The picture above was taken after TMBG asked everyone to pull out their various video-capable electronic devices and record the song (one of the sock puppet songs). You can see all the various screens lit up.

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