WordPress Plugin Development looking for a Developer

Who wants to fix an issue with one of my favorite WordPress Plugins?

Postie is a plugin that allows email postings to self-maintained WordPress blogs (not WordPress.com blogs). It has lots of cool features and I like it. However, one of its features doesn’t work.

You are supposed to be able to append “:end” to an email and the plugin will strip off all text after it prior to placing the message in a blog post. It doesn’t work, as evidenced on my latest Blackberry posting:

Regarding my post yesterday about the TIGER awards, it’s amazing how much excitement can be caused by the Feds. :end Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

I find the automatic Blackberry attachments to my emails to be not only rude but a violation of my terms of service, but that’s not a fight I’m going to win. Regardless of people getting my emails with “Blackberry: ‘Cause we Can” attached to them, I refuse to have them appear in my blog postings. To date I’ve gone back and edited them out, but I’d prefer the “:end” tag to actually work.

I suppose that this could be my opportunity to earn the Open Source Nerd Merit Badge, but frankly I don’t have the time. Anyone want to do this for me? I can even throw in a little incentive: Whomever takes care of this will receive a hot-off-the-press brand new album by The Extraordinary Contraptions (“Scratch the Aether”) as soon as it’s released this spring.

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