Another Late Race Report: 2010 Walton Raider Chase

Race Start

I participated in the 2010 Walton Raider Chase, at Walton High School in East Cobb, GA, on January 30. It was a damp and cold day, yet I still set a personal record of 22:59.7! That is 37 seconds faster than my previous PR.

The course was a hilly and twisty one starting and ending at the high school track. In between in wrapped around and through the neigborhoods surrounding going up and down the hills. Pine Street, if you’re familiar with that very steep hill, is a significant downhill segment just before the second mile marker. Be ready to get those feet moving in order to take advantage of the downhill.

Unfortunately, the downside to going down on a loop course is that you have to go back up. About half to three-quarters of mile 3 is uphill heading back to the track. Be ready for that, too.

Overall, this was a fun race that I would do again. It helps that it’s a 5 minute drive from my house.

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