New Bag

My all-around carry sack has needed serious repair and/or replacement for a while. I decided to replace it with a Chrome Metropolis messenger bag.

Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag

It’s big, it’s waterproof, it’s a heck of a lot easier to deal with when you’re on your bike yet it will still suffice for my general use which is hauling stuff back and forth from the office and elsewhere. There will be things that live in this bag that are specifically bike related (see map in the below photo) but this will still be my general purpose sack for the next 10 years I expect.

Chrome Metropolis Messenger Bag

You can see my first Nerd Merit badge on the velcro in the photo. “Ship Ship Ship!” I should also get the Inbox Zero badge, but the others I’m less qualified for except possibly the Family Tech support. However certain friends of mine might dispute my qualifications there (thanks, Jim, John, Rachel!).

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