Workouts – Back to Basics

Today I began something that I should probably have been doing all along. It might have averted the little tiny problem I had last fall. That thing is: core workouts every day.

Don’t misunderstand me; I don’t plan to put in a 45 minute abs-back-hips intensive crushing exercise session every single day. What I plan to do is devote at least 15 minutes to doing basic strengthening exercises to stabilize my core. I know I can come up with 15 minutes every day for a basic set of poses. If I don’t manage to get up in time, I can do them at lunch. If I don’t do them at lunch, there’s at home. 15 minutes is easy. I can do it!

If the marathon training underway knocks my fat percentage down any more, I might even have a six pack! I won’t hold my breath, though.

15 minutes a day (or more, depending). Jenn might even get me back into Yoga. We’ll see.

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One Response to Workouts – Back to Basics

  1. sarahbeth says:

    I’m way ahead of you on that 6 pack :p
    and I actually just started a couple days ago training with my room mate at my friends gym and he trains like all sorts of athletes and three days a week is giving us as you said “45 minute abs-back-hips intensive crushing exercise session.”I was immobile for a few days…

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