New Project: A Year in Pictures Volume 1

I’ve made it a goal to carry my camera more and take pictures frequently. Last calendar year was spotty. This year will be helped by my new phone which has a reasonable camera on it.1

In order to facilitate that goal I’m going to try and post a “picture a day” here on the Eyebrow. This will probably be the format: batches. Perhaps I’ll explain what’s going on. Perhaps you’ll have to click through to Flickr or twipic. It will depend on my mood.

Here we have the first seven days of 2009

Beer and Pizza!

Smiley Jenn

Appalachian Trail

Busy day at Work

Quicktrip forgot the antifreeze on Twitpic


Snow in Atlanta


1: The T-Mobile Dash is a sucky piece of equipment that never took a good picture. The Blackberry 8900 is decent. My Digital Rebel XT is excellent

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